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New Sophia Perennis Titles

The Collected Works of René Guénon is now complete, in both paper and cloth; 20% discount for the whole set; paper: $380.00
[£263.56]; cloth: $660.68 [£430.72] (plus shipping); inquire via

The long-awaited title René Guénon: Some Observations by Frithjof Schuon is now available (see below)


The Simple Life of René Guénon by Paul Chacornac:
the definitive biography, including photographs and original drawings
and the final, authorized edition of The Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi
and the reprint of Ananda K. Coomaraswamy’s The Bugbear of Literacy
and the reprint of The Islamic Tradition by Victor Danner

By or About René Guénon:

Studies in Freemasonry and Compagnonnage by René Guénon, paper (ISBN 0900588888), $21.95 [£14.95]; cloth (ISBN 0900588519), $37.95 [£23.95]
René Guénon: Some Observations by Frithjof Schuon, 80 pp.; paper (ISBN 0900588853) $15.95 [£11.50]; the never before published
evaluation of Guénon by his most important successor

Guénonian Esoterism and Christian Mystery by Jean Borella, 524 pp.; paper (ISBN 0900588101), $26.95 [£17.95]; cloth (ISBN 159731014X), $41.95 [£26.95]

The Esoteric Path: An Introduction to the Hermetic Tradition by Luc Benoist, 148 pp.; paper (ISBN0900588047), $18.95 [£13.50]; cloth (ISBN 1597310131), $33.95 [£ 21.95]; a reprint of the classic introduction to Guénonian esoterism

By Wolfgang Smith:

The Quantum Enigma (new Third Edition, revised and expanded), paper (ISBN 1597310077), $19.95 [£13.95]; cloth (ISBN 1597310387), $34.95 [£22.95]

By Robert Bolton:

Keys of Gnosis, 164 pp.; paper (ISBN 0900588837), $19.95 [£13.95]; cloth (ISBN 1597310166), $34.95 [£ 22.95]

Extraordinary Christianity:

False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism and the Quest for a One World Religion by Lee Penn, 508 pp.; paper (ISBN
159731000X), $27.95 [£ 17.95]; an exhaustively-researched history and prophetic analysis of the Interfaith Movement, including its distortions of the Transcendent Unity of Religions

Dark Way to Paradise: Dante’s Inferno in Light of the Spiritual Path by Jennifer Doane Upton, 216 pp.; paper (ISBN 1597310018), $20.95 [£15.50] cloth (ISBN 1597310093), $35.95 [£23.95]; a detailed exegesis of the Inferno according to Schuon, Guénon, Titus Burckhardt and the Church Fathers Christianity and the Doctrine of Non-Dualism by A Monk of the West (Alphonse Levée), 148 pp.; paper (ISBN 0900588829), $16.95 [£ 13.95]; cloth (ISBN 1597310174), $34.95 [£22.95]

Esoteric Islam:

Al-Kimia: The Mystical Islamic Essence of the Sacred Art of Alchemy by John Eberly, 136 pp.; paper (ISBN 0900588489), $18.95 [£13.50]; cloth (ISBN 1597310107), $33.95 [£ 21.95]

Near and Distant Horizons by John Ahmed Herlihy, 196 pp.; paper (ISBN 1597310026), $19.95 [£ 13.95]; cloth (ISBN 1597310085), $34.95 [£22.95]


Legends of the End: Prophesies of the End Times, Apocalypse, Antichrist and Messiah from Eight Religious Traditions by Charles Upton, 115 pp.; paper (ISBN 1597310255), $18.95 [£13.50]; cloth (ISBN 1597310212), $33.95 [£21.95] (largely excerpted from The System of Antichrist)

Cracks in the Great Wall: UFOs and Traditional Metaphysics, Charles Upton, 88 pp.; paper (ISBN 1597310247, 18.95 [£12.95]; cloth (ISBN 1597310204) $33.95 [£21.95]; an analysis of the UFO phenomenon according to The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times (largely excerpted from The System of Antichrist)

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