The Golden Beads
The highest knowledge and the deepest love
Cannot be separated in the One;
Both light and heat are flowing from the sun --
Without their unity we cannot live.

Seeking the knowledge of the Absolute,
We count the rosary of stars above.
On every golden bead the Lord is proved
And in the night we love because we love.
A Singing Bird

It only takes a few words to praise God,
A singing bird has only a few notes.
The talk of lovers barely can be heard
Deep in the night when they are most alone.

Sometimes a single word can be enough--
A lover's glance, a moment caught in time.
The prayer a man whispers under his breath
Can turn the water of his soul to wine.

With every invocation of His Name
You take a step along the road to God.
Dream after dream the world will fall away
Until all that remains repeats the Word.
Until the day when you return to Him
Look for the Lord in every living thing --
Each morning when you rise invoke His Name
And know that Truth and Beauty are your wings.

The Maze
To never stop seeking the Highest Good:
This is the reason we are on the earth.
The world is like a maze in which we search
But throught the maze we see the play of God.
As long as we are plunged in outwardness
We will not notice the miraculous --
Reflected on the mirror of the soul
There is a beauty that cannot be told.
The Gold
The rivers of the world flow through their souls
  But men feel something missing in their lives --
Some lose themselves in dreams; some need to know
  How they can separate the truth from lies.
Beneath the deep blue jewel of the sky
  They search for peace and happiness on earth.
So many questions that will shape their lives
  Find answers only at the hour of death.
Because there is a treasure that they seek
  They travel through the changing light and dark --
Although they think the goal is some far peak,
  The gold they long to find shines in the heart.

To rise up from the ego's narrow bed
A man must learn to see God everywhere.
The world is woven of a golden thread
And wise men know that Paradise is here.
Our lives before us, full of grief and care,
Pass quickly by and we are made to part.
The presence of the Lord is in the air;
He lives now and forever in the heart.

The Light
The light sings quietly about the Lord.
It dances in the trees, turning to gold
The falling leaves that teach us how to die --
For morning turns to day, and day to night.
Because the light is clear we can see far.
Lit from within by one immortal spark
We travel far but never lose the way --
For night turns into dawn, and dawn to day.

The Return
All truth and beauty must return to God,
Our love cannot live long without the Lord.
All nature rises singing to the sun
And round the sun the earth turns in her dance.
We live upon the earth to learn of love --
Our hearts revolve round beauty and the True.
Each day and night the sun and moon above
Return a light that is both old and new.
The Retreat
A solitary soul prays in the night.
He seems asleep, but his heart is awake.
And all the while snow falls from Paradise
To tell him God is not so far away.
His dwelling place is in the sacred Name
And there he spends the long and snowy night.
Renouncing every false and fleeting dream,
His heart becomes a perfect globe of light.

The Book
Life is a book and each day is a page;
Men want to write the stories of their lives.
It is the same with every passing age --
Men want their names to live after they die.
Why wish to be immortal on the earth?
The world grows old and soon forgets all fame.
Here is the way to break the chains of death:
Remember God and flee into His Name.

The Road

A man alone out walking on the road
Begins and ends his journey with a step--
This moment, passing now, he knows the Word
Of God is closer than his deepest thought.

Over his head, through broken clouds, the sun
Shines on the road and leads the traveler home.
The here below is more than just a dream--
Through every flower God wants to be known.

The Door
A bright wing flashes in a clear blue sky --
A circling hawk dives down to seize its prey.
A sudden moment on a quiet day
Opens a door and begins a new life.
How shall I walk upon the earth and sing
Old songs which tell the story of the Good?
I want to pray and lose myself in God
And live and die in the nature of things.

The Message
This is a message to the outer man
Who lives upon the ego's desert isle.
Although the wind blows and the waves roll high
There is no need to fear; God has a plan.
At dusk the sky turns clear.  A rising moon
Is like a distant palace on the sea.
The words inside the bottle of this poem
Come from the Friend who knows your every need.
The Golden Mirror
Wild nature is a mirror made of gold
And she reflects the glory of the Good.
Her flowers bloom, perfected by the Lord,
And all her stories are by seasons told.
Year after year we walk under the sun
And quietly invoke the Name of God --
We follow flowing streams deep in the woods
To where Invoker and Invoked are one.

The Ascent
A man who spends his life thinking of God
May one day stand upon a mountain top.
If he stays on the path and never stops,
The path will lead him to the Sovereign Good.
The peaks around him rise into the sun;
To climb them he must leave the world behind.
And in the deep prayer of the heart alone
He sees the burning sun at midnight shine.
The Road
Lost in long dreams of pleasure and of pain
We should not waste our time upon the earth.
We should not sleepwalk to our day of death;
We will not know the human state again.
The heart of man must find its peace in God;
Our souls have many lessons to be learned.
We travel through our lives along a road
That comes from God, and to Him it returns.
The Caravans
A man lived in a cabin in the woods
And there he spent his days thinking of God.
From time to time, writing some simple words,
He sang his songs, remembering the Lord.
The world he knew had been a cloud of dust
And there were wagons moving through the night.
The drivers did not know that they were lost;
Their dogs barked and the caravans rolled by.

The Music
The deepest root of creation is found
In the pure Oneness of the Absolute --
The sun shines and its light reaches the ground
And in the wind there plays a sacred flute.
In virgin wilderness the streams run clear
And we see everything is plunged in God.
Time is a veil; Eternity is near --
We hear the music of the Sovereign Good.


Men dream the shadow play of history;
We live and die, together and alone.
The here below is not our final home --
All men are born to face eternity.

Why am I on the earth?  And should I fear?
Sit quietly, invoke the Name of God.
Stay vigilant, although the night draws near,
Repeat again the liberating Word.